Devoted Family Law Attorney Helping Scotch Plains Families Obtain Child Custody Modifications

Life is full of unexpected events that bring change. So, even if you've put a child custody order in place, the court understands that circumstances may arise that may require modifications to be made to the original agreement.


When events crop up that make it difficult or impossible for the original terms of the child custody agreement to be upheld, then it’s time for you to reach out to an experienced family law attorney who can help you negotiate and establish a modification to the existing agreement. Patricia A. Mack Attorney at Law helps her clients successfully navigate the child custody modifications process, allowing them to make sure the terms of the agreement remain fair, realistic, and effective for everyone involved.

Reasons to Pursue a Child Custody Modification

There are many reasons why you or your ex may request a modification to the existing child custody order. Perhaps one parent is planning to move a considerable distance away, which could significantly impact the visitation schedule. Or, maybe your ex is about to marry a new spouse who has children, or they plan on beginning a new family together, so your child custody agreement needs to be altered in order to support these changes. Typically, parents decide to seek a child custody modification when fairly major shifts occur that directly impact the child.

How to Pursue a Modification

In many cases, a modification to an existing child custody agreement can be negotiated and agreed upon by both parents. Once the terms of the revised agreement have been worked out, they are put into writing and filed with the court. Once the judge reviews the request and signs it, the new agreement becomes official. In more difficult cases, however, you may not be able to agree to new terms without the assistance of the court. Cases involving one parent who suspects that the other parent may be a danger to the child can quickly become complicated and contentious, so you may have to appear at a few hearings before a judge in order to obtain the modification.

Supporting Your Best Interests

As someone who understands how to facilitate constructive communication, family law attorney Patricia A. Mack will listen carefully to your goals and then determine the best path forward for obtaining a child custody modification. Ms. Mack strives to resolve issues outside of the courtroom whenever possible, but if necessary, she will advocate for your best interests before a judge. For compassionate and effective legal guidance, reach out to Patricia A. Mack Attorney at Law to discuss your case.

Patricia A. Mack Attorney at Law can help you successfully navigate the child custody modifications process to change an existing order. Call 908-521-4526 to speak to a skilled Scotch Plains family law attorney today.