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Regardless of their relationship with each other, both parents are legally required to contribute to the cost of raising the children they share. When parents live apart, this usually means that the parent of primary residence receives child support payments from the parent of alternate residence. However, each situation is unique, and it is critical to retain an attorney who can advise you on the relevant factors and advocate for a proper result. At Patricia A. Mack Attorney at Law in Scotch Plains, I provide strong representation in a full range of child support matters to parents in Union, Essex, Somerset and Warren counties. You can rely me for effective counsel on initial child support determinations, along with modification and enforcement actions.

Factors in child support determinations

Child support orders are based on the particular circumstances and the judge can take into account anything that he or she deems to be relevant. Some of the statutory factors that are most important include:  

  • The number of nights the child spends in each parent’s home
  • Each parent’s income and earning ability
  • Any prior support orders
  • The child’s age, health and educational needs

Along with the basic everyday needs associated with raising a son or daughter, there might be extraordinary expenses that apply in your situation. During a divorce or a child support case involving unmarried parents, there might be serious disputes over the funding of:

  • College or trade school tuition
  • Day care and summer camp
  • Expensive extracurricular activities, such as club sports and music lessons
  • Healthcare costs, such as insurance premiums and rehabilitation expenses

Under New Jersey law, child support obligations can last through age 23 if a son or daughter is enrolled in college. Otherwise, payments are no longer mandated once the youth turns 19 years old. However, a son or daughter who is 18, no longer in school and no longer dependent might be emancipated, which would terminate a parent’s duty to provide child support.

Modifications of child support terms

When a permanent, substantial and unanticipated change affects the fairness of an existing child support order, either parent can petition the court for a modification to the payment terms. This might occur as the result of a job loss, medical crisis or significant change in the child’s needs. My family law firm represents clients seeking and opposing child support adjustments in court. If you believe a change is warranted, you must have the order revised rather than taking action on your own or relying on an informal agreement with your co-parent.

Enforcement of child support orders

Failure to pay child support is a serious problem. However, the state offers several methods of enforcing compliance with an order. An obligor parent who violates the court’s terms can have their income withheld, lose their driver’s license or face the seizure of their assets. When a child support payment is not made in a timely manner, my firm can help you take immediate action in order to recover the funds necessary to meet your son or daughter’s needs.

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