Experienced Family Law Attorney Helping Scotch Plains Families Resolve Child Custody Disputes

Whether you are just beginning the divorce process or you've been legally separated for several years, matters regarding child custody are often the most challenging to navigate. When it comes to your children, it's understandable that your emotions will run high and you'll have an instinctive drive to protect their best interests. For over 25 years, divorce and family law attorney Patricia A. Mack has helped families peacefully resolve their child custody disputes, encouraging all parties to walk away from the final resolution feeling heard, respected, and empowered.


Talking it Out

It’s common for discussions about child custody to quickly become heated or even hostile. Emotions and tensions can run high, making it difficult to have a constructive conversation about what’s best for the child. Patricia A. Mack Attorney at Law understands how to work with parents with the compassion and support they need in order to facilitate productive communication between exes. She attempts to resolve child custody disputes outside of the courtroom first, meeting with both parties and encouraging a collaborative conversation. In many cases, even fighting exes are reassured by Patricia’s professional yet warm demeanor, and they lower their guards enough to participate in a productive discussion. Ultimately, both parties are able to reach an agreement and peacefully resolve their child custody dispute without having to appear in court.

Support Every Step of the Way

Of course, not every child custody dispute can be resolved without the intervention of a judge. If initial attempts to facilitate a constructive discussion do not work, Ms. Mack will guide you through the next steps of the legal process by representing your wishes in court. No matter what the process ends up being, you can trust that Patricia A. Mack Attorney at Law will be by your side every step of the way, working hard to ensuring that your voice is heard and the best interests of you and your children are protected.

If you are facing a child custody dispute in the Scotch Plains area and you need an experienced and empathetic attorney by your side, contact Patricia A. Mack Attorney at Law today by calling 908-521-4526.