Collaborative Divorce in New Jersey

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Ending a marriage is difficult enough. When you add in the cost and aggravation associated with litigation, the divorce process can get even worse. Despite the differences that led you and your spouse to go separate ways, there is a way for you to handle your divorce in a unified, thoughtful manner. At Patricia A. Mack Attorney at Law in Scotch Plains, I am an accomplished New Jersey family lawyer who has extensive experience representing clients in collaborative divorces, where spouses put aside disputes over discovery and courtroom confrontations in order to focus on what really matters.

Benefits of collaborative divorce

Celebrities and others have used terms such as “conscious uncoupling” to describe divorces where both parties concentrate on maintaining a mutually respectful relationship during, and after, the dissolution process. No matter what you call it, collaborative divorce is well-suited to spouses, especially parents, who wish to avoid unnecessary conflict. Litigation means you are operating on the court’s schedule, and it often takes more than a year for a dissolution proceeding to go to trial in New Jersey. Opting for a collaborative divorce allows you to get started promptly and cut down significantly on the attorney’s fees you’d pay if you went to court.

Understanding collaborative divorce

Collaborative divorce offers an alternative to messy legal battles that often take place in court. By attempting to work together with your soon-to-be ex-spouse to negotiate the terms of your divorce, you can resolve the necessary issues without going to court. While no one expects you to be on perfectly friendly terms with your ex, a collaborative divorce works best for couples who are still able to communicate in a civil manner in order to achieve a greater goal. More often than not, couples who go through the collaborative divorce process tend to report greater feelings of satisfaction and even empowerment than couples who resolve their divorce in the courtroom.

Guidance throughout the collaborative divorce process

As a New Jersey family law attorney for more three decades, I have guided numerous couples through the collaborative divorce process. To demonstrate everyone’s commitment to this method of marriage dissolution, the parties and attorneys sign a contract at the outset agreeing to make every reasonable effort to finalize the divorce without resorting to a trial.

Regardless of your particular circumstances, I am an empathetic legal counsel or who cares deeply about you. I am dedicated to helping you end your marriage feeling strong and hopeful about the future. My firm can help you lovingly detach from your marriage and negotiate an equitable divorce agreement that allows you and your ex to begin a new chapter on a positive note.

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