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Divorce is officially referred to as “dissolution” in New Jersey, but whatever name you use, the process of ending a marriage can be very difficult. At Patricia A. Mack Attorney at Law in Scotch Plains, I am an accomplished New Jersey lawyer who works not only to secure fair terms involving parenting and financial arrangements, but to relieve the emotional burden my clients face. In many cases, alternatives to litigation such as mediation and collaborative divorce can make things easier in many different ways, but whatever path works best for you, I strive to put you in the best position possible to move forward.

Firm advises on collaborative divorce, asset division and custody matters

My family law firm offers personalized counsel regarding the following:

  • Collaborative divorce — Often, the adversarial nature of litigation makes a tough situation worse for divorcing spouses. Collaborative divorce is a way for the parties and their lawyers to work together in pursuit of a settlement. In this process, spouses share information and cooperate to hire professionals, such as accountants and divorce attorneys, who can help them achieve consensus on parenting and financial terms.
  • Uncontested and contested divorce — When spouses reach a marital settlement agreement and file for an uncontested divorce, it is likely that the judge will accept the terms and incorporate them into his or her dissolution order. Usually, these are completed within a couple of months. Contested divorces can take much longer and go through several stages, including mandatory mediation and pre-trial discovery. If you’re unsure about whether to compromise on a settlement, it is important to consider the additional time, cost and aggravation associated with a contested divorce, which could last more than a year.
  • Parenting arrangements — For divorcing parents, nothing is more important than establishing child custody arrangements that give sons and daughters the ability to thrive and maintain strong bonds with both parents. I look to build consensus on matters relating to decision-making authority, residence and visitation that satisfy both parties and can last long into the future. My firm also works to negotiate child support terms that accurately reflect the parents’ financial situations and meet the needs of young people.
  • Asset division — New Jersey’s equitable distribution rule means that judges have wide latitude to decide what constitutes a fair division of marital assets and debts. They do not have to split the value evenly between the parties. My firm seeks consensus whenever possible on asset division matters and looks for creative ways to bridge the gap when disagreements exist.

Divorce is not easy, but you don’t have to go through it alone. I can advocate for your interests throughout every step of the dissolution process.

Alimony under New Jersey law

New Jersey no longer grants permanent alimony, but there are several different types of spousal support that a court can award if one divorcing spouse depended on the other for income. In many cases, alimony is ordered for a limited duration of time based on how long it should take the recipient to acquire the education or work skills needed to support themselves. A spouse might also seek reimbursement for money used to fund their partner’s career. In situations involving long marriages where the party seeking spousal support cannot earn a suitable living due to health or extended time out of the work force, the court might order open durational alimony, which obligates the paying spouse until their expected or actual retirement age. Along with post-divorce payments, courts can also mandate pendente lite alimony to be provided while the dissolution case is pending.

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